Samuel Willner

Although he graduated Wayne State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics, Samuel M. Willner, BS, EA discovered his passion for numbers when he joined the family’s Detroit tool and supply business. The founder’s grandson rose through the company ranks and 16 years later, while working with the company’s biggest client, the American Operations of Ford Motor Company, he had increased sales tenfold and profits by times five.

Embarking on a new career path in numbers, he accepted a position with H&R Block and moved to California. While working for Block, where he is still employed, Willner took additional college courses, in finance, accounting, education, and taxation; becoming an Enrolled Agent of the Internal Revenue Service. EA’s are federally authorized tax advisors and practitioner empowered to represent taxpayers before the IRS for during audits, and the collections and appeal process.


Through his work, he has set-up, advised, and assisted numerous for-profit and non-profit business entities about a wide range of financial issues, from how to reduce IRS expose and avoid an audit, what how to structure and set up different business entities, how to keep business and payroll records, and how to make their numbers grow.