Ron Moore

This is one gorgeous piece of high-performance art – Ron Moore

Ron Moore, the Northern Californian sailboat construction icon has already produced two classic sailboats, the El Toro and the Moore 24. Both are known for innovative tooling & production techniques that have resulted in sailboats that repeatedly top race winner’s list thanks to quality construction and keen ability to slide nimbly across the water – if pushed by a faint breeze or surf in excess of 20 knots.

The Moore 24 was America’s first production line ULDB. Like any classic, it has stood the test of time. Its reputation grew from its ability to superbly navigate a wide range of sailing conditions. These classic attributes are continually cited by independent experts as being best in class in terms of design excellence, performance and craftsmanship.

The El Toro model was introduced in the spring of 1997 and somewhat resembles a Sabot.

The Moore 24 Class fleet is still active; a testament to the success of any boat brand. The class will be racing at 18 racing venues this calendar year.

During the last 25 years, the craftsman fabricated custom boats such as the Antrium 30+ Trimaran, built composite bridge fabrications, stealth powerboats for the US Navy, R & D for Lockheed Martin Missiles and Space and created astronomical/scientific enclosures delivered worldwide. Most recently, he has forged a working relationship with marine laboratories on the California Central Coast and the local Moss Landing fishing fleet. 

Of the Moore 33, the builder said that although the design and planning part is the most fun, he’s looking forward to the construction; sculpting the molds, the interiors, keel, and the rudder.

The secret to developing his reputation as an iconic builder is that extra 10% that he, as an independent manufacturer, puts into every project. It’s his artist’s passion, acknowledging that high-quality work takes more time.

Today’s modern, beautiful composite construction, spray gel overcoating, new fabrics, and improved resins, set new standards, and keeps Moore engaged; his creative RPM’s up for taking on new projects.